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When technology gets in the way.

So I'm sitting here most of the day messing with this application called "The Blogger". It reminds me again how stiff this tool is and how much I've lost of my coding knowledge. Ahh to be able to say, “forget it" and code by hand to get what I want to appear on that screen.

Welcome to your Vulcan side (A voice snickers in my head.)

It’s sad but true, my father was a Vulcan and my mother was an Earthling. Yes, I am in technology helping people with their computer gremlins, but I graduated from high school with a Vocational-Technical degree in Commercial/Graphic Arts. Oh yeah to top it off I was born a Libra. Getting unbalanced is not fun to say the least.

I thought the idea of blogging was to balance you? (Earthling side)

So many times when I blame technology for getting in the way I really need to look a bit harder and realize it’s myself that’s getting in the way of well…. Myself. The gremlins are aftermath if imbalance. (Where is Henson when you need him?)


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I come from German (Mennonite/Brethren) stock with bits of Norse, Celtic, Native American, and some mysterious unknown combination from an adopted grandparent. Not an uncommon blend for most of us who settled early in Pennsylvania. This type of diverse heritage left me ripe for the genealogical bug. I make a pilgrimage once a month and attempt to trace all the branches of my family tree. Unearthing facts that were never documented previously always brings excitement.

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