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Farscape, Great Expectations & WoT

I'm not exactly a Farscape virgin but it has been years since I had my first taste of the series that was pulled from the Sci-Fi channal in 2002. I started the series by borrowing a dear friend's (my Crichton without the romantic steam) collection and was forced to stop when out account was dropped for another customer support service.

Recently, I became a member of Netflix and found that Farscape was availalbe to stream. I was going through a season a week until I hit the wall and now have to resume with the mailing of DVDs to finish. It's worth it, how could you miss with Science Fiction and Jim Henson productions all rolled into one.

In the meantime, I have been rereading Great Expectations by Charles Dickens (One of my favorite books from my Jr High school days) and listening to the Wheel of Time audiobook series (RIP James Oliver Rigney, Jr aka Robert Jordan) that I started when my first born was two and because frustrated when I was reading faster than the author could produce.

You can imagine when just the other day all three activities collided:

  • Pip is obviously the main character in Great Expectations
  • John Crichton (Ben Browder) calls Chiana (Gigi Edgley) "Pip" in Farscape even though the script called for "Squirt"
  • Mat Cauthon who is lucky with dice acquires a brown horse he names "Pips"

I'm not a gambler so you wont see me running to a casino anytime soon (even with getting this "sign") but I need to wonder if there is a benefactor, a way home, or a lucky roll of the dice coming my way.


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