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Death to the Asian Tiger Mosquito

aedes mosquitoI am morning the loss of warm weather as fall starts its trek into our daily routines, but this year I might rally and start chanting “bring on the cooler temps”. The only reason for this odd behavior is… no… don’t go there is it not “she wants to get relief from hot flashes” sorry folks hate to disappoint.

It is actually due to the mosquitoes, not just any old run of the mill blood sucker it’s specifically the Asian Tiger Mosquito that has been the boon of my existence this summer. I am so tired of being bit in my yard, in my kitchen, and yes a little bugger got me in the shower the other day. So come on 50 degree nights and death to the mosquitoes! I’ll deal with the cooler temps and put on a sweatshirt just to see you go down.

But wait…say it isn’t so!! When trying to locate a picture of these little beasts I discovered this disturbing fact. According to Science News, Part of its success at spreading throughout the world is due to a warming climate, but the Asian tiger mosquito has one other pesky adaptation: "Its eggs are tough enough to survive a cold winter."

Next stop on the Internet…natural remedies for bug bites and concoctions that can be made at home to ward them off next year.


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