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Not Dead Yet

Yes…agreed it has been a very long time.  Though not missed, I have been missing the world where thoughts are scattered to the four winds in hopes that they land somewhere and grow.

Time apart has been well spent in the pursuit of an education (major bucket list item). As I write this post there are only 8.5 weeks left in school and once done I will have a bachelor’s degree in IT as a Business System Analyst. There has been plenty of writing but not of the sort that would constitute posting here. Besides APA paper formatting in a blogger template just does not work well together.

Future projects besides word sowing are being planned and I hope to share some personal success in a mentoring program as well a cross off a few more “list” items. Now I’m off for some more prompts and interaction before it is back to the books again tonight.


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I come from German (Mennonite/Brethren) stock with bits of Norse, Celtic, Native American, and some mysterious unknown combination from an adopted grandparent. Not an uncommon blend for most of us who settled early in Pennsylvania. This type of diverse heritage left me ripe for the genealogical bug. I make a pilgrimage once a month and attempt to trace all the branches of my family tree. Unearthing facts that were never documented previously always brings excitement.

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